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40 years of

Research & Development

Clean Technology, is a leading company in Europe arriving to the United States for exclusive distribution.






Nanotechnology is the study and manipulation of matter at the level of atoms and molecules
(nanomaterials), making it possible to create tiny structures or new capable materials of
solving specific needs.

Nanotechnology is strongly inspired by nature's properties and designs. The non-stick
property of the leaves of the lotus plant (lotus effect) has been imitated by the scientists and
put into practice, using it in materials nanocoating, giving them self-cleaning or ultra-nonstick

Our protection products are born from the 40-year experience in the study and experimentation of materials. This is how they were established in the market across Europe. The passion for innovation and technology, together with the experience in the chemical and industrial sectors, allow us to make our products available to the construction industry, home sector, automotive, hospitality etc. all with products that contribute to the care of the environment.


Nanotegnological Products offer innovative solutions for care, protection and maintenance, increasing the quality of life of different surfaces and materials such as crystals, porcelain, stone, steel and others, being an excellent option in the care and maintenance of surfaces.



We are looking for companies interested in selling and/or application of our products. We have a small minimum order making it easy for dealers to get started and the application training is completely complimentary.

Thanks for submitting!

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